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Trying to better myself for all the wrong reasons.



Finally done (^∇^) Gonna post a photoset of the final pieces sometime tomorrow…

i drew a thing for homework…



Finally done (^∇^)
Gonna post a photoset of the final pieces sometime tomorrow…

i drew a thing for homework…



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I’m in Newark now

I boarded the plane with two minutes to spare (don’t do that if you can)

Got something under 3 hours of sleep cuz plane seats are uncomfortable, moved through 3 time zones and people kept bumping into me since I had the aisle seat

And moving back into RISD yaaaaay

Thus ends my adventures westward exploring the already explored and developed western frontier

I’m in Seattle

now I’m three hours into the future from the east coast

I had some really good Mexican food

I think I might have seen Carrie Brownstein at the place we had dinner at but I’m not entirely sure

also I now understand what it’s like to be a crazy cat person

my sister’s roommate has two cats (they’re twins) and they’re pretty adorable

I took some allergy meds earlier today to make sure I wouldn’t die when I got to the new place my sister’s gonna be staying

I’ve taken excessive photos of said cats

Back in civilization

with wifi

I’m in Missoula, Montana

I just had some really good pizza

and the hotel I’m staying in is ridiculous and silly and I love it

they have an indoor waterfall (which they advertised) and there’s a fake mountain goat at the top and I love it

I’ve spent the last few days (you can gauge from when I went silent on internet communications) in Yellowstone National Park

so basically I’ve camped out the last three days (first day we had gotten a little cabin-ish sorta thing that had running water and a/c and heating)

and it’s gotten pretty cold at night, around 27 degrees fahrenheit

between the amount of trekking done during the day and how it’s pretty much impossible to sleep through the cold, my sleep cycle’s been pretty well normalized compared to when I am enjoying the luxury of modern living

but speaking of that, you learn to appreciate temperature controlled environments, electricity, showers and reasonably priced food

food, gas and just about anything is more expensive in the park, except maybe ice cream, which is reasonably priced for whatever reason

so here’s a quick rundown:

  • you get tired of geysers and springs after a while
  • definitely check out the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, and the Upper and Lower Falls there
  • some of the best sights are the backcountry trails
  • Yellowstone Lake is beautiful, and has probably the more interesting geysers to see (active ones that are situated in the water along the coast)
  • wildlife! got some photos of osprey (and other birds), bison, elk, squirrels and other various rodents, or other times, I just observed them because I didn’t have a camera or a good lens on hand
  • night photography is a lot of fun even if it’s really cold outside, got some fun photos of stars by the lake
  • old people are adorable

so that’s about it, heading to Seattle tomorrow, and flying back Monday and moving back in for college

I’m sure I’ll get around to uploading photos at some point, but I’m always bad at picking out which ones best represent the experience, so it takes a while

road tripping has been fun, and even just driving through random states gets you some really nice views

I wouldn’t be adverse to doing something like this again, so maybe if anyone wants to go adventuring through both cities and wilderness, probably some time after I can actually drive, then yeah, let’s do that

fill me in on what’s been happening with you folks

Saw some sweetass mountains today at Grand Tetons

Now I’m at Yellowstone chilling out in a comfortable cabin, finally able to shower

Also saw some geysers, including Old Faithful (it was alright)

Photos will go up when I finally have time to move them from the camera to my computer and I have wifi

Got to Badlands last night and set up camp amidst huge winds and in the dark (fun)

Hiked a bit, wonderful view

Saw mt Rushmore, tourist traps line the whole way there

Now I’m at grand Tetons, and from what I saw on the way, tomorrow’s gonna be beautiful

Also wifi






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more bear owls

based on my favorite owls <3


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Making bismuth (by R. Tanaka)

iamabagfullofcats LOOK AT THIS

oh my lord